While 3D printing is a hobby most of us are interested in the initial investment can seem a bit step for some. Like with any other craft the price range can go anywhere from affordable to the thousands range. However if you are looking for 3D Printers for beginners or just general 3D printing goods then there’s a great opportunity ahead of you. As with every year you can fully expect Amazon’s Black Friday sales to be a great opportunity for you to get great products at a fraction of the cost. And with the unique nature of this year making online commerce even more prevalent, you can fully expect Amazon to go all out on this year’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales.

Whether you are looking for the best 3D printers in the market or just stocking into more printer filaments we have something interesting lined up for you. Predicting sales can be tricky, but based on Amazon’s past sales and trends we have built a list with some great deals you can find right now on 3D Printers which will likely get even better once the sales season fully starts. So without further ado let’s strap in and let’s take a look at some of the best deals we can find.

1# Comgrow Creality 3D Printer

Our first 3d Printer on this list has a few perks pricing wise. It’s already on sale with an useful 21% discount, but it’s also an Amazon’s Choice product so you can fully expect Amazon to go out of it’s way to discount it further on the sales start pouring. Performance wise the Comgrow is a reliable 3D printer for beginners. Some minor assembly is required but it’s nothing too extensive and it’s general ease of use makes it a great option for those who are looking to get into 3D printing.

Comgrow Creality Ender 3 Full Review

2# LOTMAXX Shark V3 FDM 3D Printer Auto Leveling

While the LOTMAXX 3d Printer is in general another entry grade 3D Printer it does have certain features that can make it more interesting for larger projects. 3D printing is at the end of the day a minute task and the LOTMAXX printer has various features to ensure it all goes smoothly. An auto leveling base, improved fans to keep both the model and printer temperature at the perfect level. And a filament detection system, which allows the machine to refill whenever the filament feed breaks or runs out. Amazon currently offers $50 off from LOTMAXX printers and further sales seem very likely.

3# Novamaker PETG

PETG is a sturdier material than PLA overall so while it might look similar to other filaments at first glance any model you print with PETG will both be clear, and far more sturdier than anything you print with your regular filament. PETG is great both for decoration due to it’s clear look, but can also be used for pieces which are expected to have a functional use. Novamaker is one of the best brands when it comes to unique colors and finishes and at it’s current price it can be even cheaper than PLA, so it’s a great pick for anybody looking to change filaments for a while.

4# Eryone Glow in the Dark PLA

One of the most unique items in this list, but likely one that will make you rather nostalgic. At it’s core Eryone’s filament is regular PLA, easily printable by any machine and great for general models. But it glows in the dark. There’s no additional tricks to it, it’s just a fluorescent filament which works just like any glow in the dark toy. It’s just a novelty, but it can be great for kid’s crafts and toys, and thanks to the coupon it’s not really more expensive than traditional PLA.

5# Qidi Tech 3d Printer

We are finally going into the higher end 3d Printers, but saving is still the name of the game. The Qidi Tech 3D Printer currently counts with a $100 discount and thanks to it’s status as an Amazon Choice we should see larger savings with Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. So what’s the difference here? Largely speaking a wider range, not all filaments can be used by all printers due to heat. The Qidi Printer has two different extruders for different heat levels, and is compatible with most filaments in the market, So it’s a printer which largely will work for any task you need.

6# Flashforge Adventurer 3 3D Printer

Flashforge Adventurer 3 3D Printer is made with one basic concept in mind, accessibility. As far as printers go this is just one of the easiest models to use. Quiet, fuly built right out of the box and compatible with just about anything. USB, SD CArd or even Wi-Fi connecting and printing on the FlashForge just has no hassles. On the flip side it’s not the biggest printer in the market and it wont take all kind of filaments, but if you want an easy start to the world of 3D printing this is one of the most intuitive printers out there.

7# Mini 3D Printer for Kids with Removable Magnetic Build Plate

If what you are looking for is to get a simple 3Dprinter which can introduce you and your family to this new craft without breaking the bank, this is the printer for you. The usual Labists quality is now available as a mini desktop release. You’ll only be able to use simple filaments and build small models. But that makes it great as an entry printer, and thanks to the current Amazon coupon you can get it 33% off this very instant.

8# Tenlong Hands 3 3d Printer

The Tenlong is a rather unique model in this list, performance wise you can expect a better than entry grade printer with great filament compatibility. But it’s real standout feature is it’s 2 extruders. In short you can build 2 models at once, make a single model with double output or use 2 filaments at once. It’s a feature not all people will need, but it’s really versatile for those who want to experiment some more. The Tenlong is currently not in sale, but Amazon has it listed below MSRP and it has been in sale before so we can expect to see it again.

9# Aibecy Filament Storage:

Contrary to regular printers many 3D printer models aren’t really made to store filaments inside their body. Or maybe a filament you’ve bought is too large for your regular work space. That’s where filament storage comes in. There’s no real trick to it, but it’s an accessory all 3d printing enthusiasts will need. Aibecy’s offering is simple yet functional and going by previous trend we can expect a good sale on their stock.

10# Amazon Basics PLA

The Amazon basics filament is right what it says in the title. PLA is the most used 3D filament and will work on largely any printer regardless of how basic or expensive it is. And as Amazon’s very own brand you can expect some great sales later on this season. The Amazon Basics PLA is perfect for beginners, affordable and far too likely to go in sale, so stocking on it is a good investment for both beginners and established printers.

What should you keep in mind?

Ultimately you should have a clear idea of what you want to do with your 3D Printer. If you plan to use it constantly or for models who are needed for more than display, you should look into a higher-end model. Likewise if the novelty is the main focus for you then feel free to opt for cheaper model or even a kid oriented one. Ultimately all printers can and will print most models you have in your head. But the speed, size and which filaments will it accept will increase as the price rises.


Has an Amazon Black Friday or Cyber Monday sale been confirmed yet?

Amazon has without fault made these sales for years, currently there’s no doubt that their sales will proceed as usual. What might change is the length and the included items in these sales, hence why we talk about current discounts and potential sales in the article.

Are sales announced early?

It depends, some items will be openly publicized from the start of the sale, while some others might be part of flash sales. In general if you are interested in any of these items feel free to add them to your list and Amazon will notify you directly.

When can I expect my items?

Amazon will in general continue shipping at it’s usual rate, and of course Prime members will get the best delivery speed possible. Overall Amazon might see a slight delay in shipping, but it should still be some of the best times in the market.

At the end of the day you should keep in mind that any sale is better when it’s part of an informed purchase. We’ve given you a look at both great entry grade and specialized printers as well as some key accessories. What really matters now is that you have a clear idea of what you are looking for, and that way you’ll get to enjoy your ideal printer for this upcoming sales season.

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