If you are looking for the best 3d printers under $300 dollars then you have arrived to the right place. 3D printing is a fascinating world. However are you sure of how deep you want to dive in? Are you looking to get in seriously or want something more casual? Today we’ll keep that in mind and take a look at budget printers that don’t pass the $300 mark, so you can try out for yourself how 3D printing works for you.

There’s a great selection of 3d printers that won’t break the bank and if you take advantage of holiday deals you can save even more. We have gathered the 5 best models we could find. All of these are great printers for their size and cost and you should be able to find a model that is just right for you between them. So without further ado let’s take a look at the 5 best 3D printers under $300.

If You Are Short On Time, Here Is A Quick List Showing You The Best 5 3D Printers Under $300


Key Features

  • Double Gear Extrusion.
  • Resumes in case of power outage
  • 220*220*250mm work area.

Key Features

  • Counts with a Heated Base.
  • Power Off Resume.
  • 220*220*250mm work area.
XYZPrinting Da Vinci Mini Wireless 3D Printer

Key Features

  • Fused Filament Fabrication Technology.
  • Open Print Chamber.
  • 5.9 x 5.9 x 5.9″ work area.

Key Features

  • Multi-Color Printing.
  • Customizable Design.
  • 200*200*180mm work area.

Key Features

  • Intuitive Touch Screen.
  • Filament Sensor designed to prevent air printing.
  • Is rather fast for the price range.

1# Anycubic Mega Zero

The Mega Zero is a very interesting product. A budget printer any way you look at it it nonetheless opts to maximize it’s budget as possible to provide the best possible performance. The biggest con and the reason for it’s lower price is the lack of a heated base, and while this can trigger some alarms it’s not a bad deal if you stick to PLA or TPU as materials.

Beyond that the Mega Zero does great. It has a large work area, specially for the size. The quality of all the pieces is great and it even counts with Anycubic’s improved extruder design. If you want a low cost printer that doesn’t limit you to a small work area then the Mega Zero is a great pick.


  • ✅ Low retail price and prone to getting even more discounts.
  • ✅ Large work area for a budget printer.
  • ✅ Great extruder design.


  • ❌ The lack of a heated base limits your choice of materials.

2# Creality Ender 3

Creality’s Ender 3 is a true and tried classic. Back at release it was the best pick for a budget printer in the market and today it remains a solid option for anybody interested in the world of 3D printing. The Ender 3 has very smart budgeting allowing it to work well on all areas without making any obvious sacrifices. It might not be the most silent worker and the print quality isn’t perfect. But for what you are paying it’s a very solid package.


  • ✅ A smartly designed printer without any obvious oversights.
  • ✅ Creality has continued to update the model, making it relevant to this day.
  • ✅ Has more versatility than other printers in this price range.


  • ❌ Noisy by current standards.

3# da Vinci Mini Wireless

Mini printers are a common pick for beginners due to the combination of simplicity and low cost they offer. And few machines offer as much as the Da Vinci Mini in such a small package. The Da Vinci is both light and small, a combination that makes it easy to use and set up. On top of that it’s silent, the print quality is great and it counts with wireless capabilities for an even easier operation. 

The Da Vinci Mini limits you to smaller prints, but nothing beats it when it comes to them.


  • ✅ Small and portable.
  • ✅ Makes great quality prints.
  • ✅ Silent operation makes it easy to place it in any room.


  • ❌ Only accepts PLA filament.

4# Geeetech 3D Printer

The Geeetech  line-up of printers is a very interesting one. Sold and marketed as DIY kits these printers require a more elaborate assembly process than most of their peers. However the instructions are very clear, and their DIY nature makes them fairly modular. As a result the Geeetech  is a very versatile model out of the box and one you can improve over time. Building might turn you off at first, but at this price range no other option allows you to print in multiple colors, use most filaments in the market and also upgrade your printer over time. 


  • ✅ Easily customizable.
  • ✅ Allows multi-color printing.
  • ✅ Handles most filaments in the market.


  • ❌ As a DIY product, you have to deal with the assembly process.

    5# Anet ET4X DIY 3D Printer

    Another DIY printer makes the list, however in the case of the ET4X the DIY nature is definitely more about cost-cutting than customization. Not that this is a bad thing, as it allows the ET4X to offer a very good performance while remaining a 3D printer under 300. The solid frame speaks for the quality and the printer as a whole is designed to be simple to use. You’ll likely find your ideal settings in a few printing sessions and the touch screen makes it very easy to configure.


    • ✅ Very intuitive to use.
    • ✅ Touch screen simplifies the printing process.
    • ✅ Is rather fast for the price range.


    • ❌ Comes completely disassembled.

    Some things to keep in mind: Buyer’s Guide.

    The most important thing to keep in mind when choosing the right 3D printer for you is what function you want it to perform. If you simply want to try out 3D printing for yourself a pre-built model is ideal due to the simplicity. If you want to experience the full range of features of 3D printing then you definitely need to go for a model with a heated base. And if you want a long-term investment then Geeetech ‘s customizable range is probably your best bet.

    When you are just starting out it’s important to keep in mind that these entry printers wont’ provide you with a perfect finish. But as long as you have a clear idea of what you want to do with them you should be happy with your purchase.


    Q: What filament brand will I need?

    A: When it comes to 3D printers what matters is the filament type and not the brand. A printer will take any brand without issue, but they aren’t designed to work with all filament types. PLA works for all printers however, and there are many affordable brands like Amazon Basics.

    Q: What about maintenance?

    A: Much like regular printers the nozzles or extruders are the most important part of the operation. Thankfully 3D printer cleaning sets are very common, so you can grab a set and clean it yourself.

    At the end of the day it is possible to get started on the world of 3D Printing without going over budget. As we’ve seen a 3D printer under 300 is not only a viable goal but one where you can get your moneys’ worth. Most of these printers have factors to consider, whether it comes to their build process or filament compatibility. But any of them will prove to be a great entry pick and a reliable machine on the long run. So if you are interested in the world of 3D printing you now have the perfect guide to get started.

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